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About Meet U 925 Sterling silver

Sterling Silver is widely used in the jewelry industry as a less expensive alternative to gold and other precious metals. In fact, most of our Meet U jewelry collections are made with 925 Sterling Silver.

1.What is the difference between Pure Silver and 925 Sterling Silver?

Pure silver, also known as fine silver, is made up of 99.9% silver, while 925 Sterling Silver usually has a purity of 92.5% silver. 

Silver is a very soft metal, which makes pure silver unsuitable for jewelry making as it will easily scratch, dent, and change shape. In order to make the silver harder and more durable, copper and other metals are added to the pure silver. 

925 Sterling Silver is one of these mixes, usually with a purity of 92.5% silver. This percentage is the reason why we call it 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Silver. The remaining 7.5% of the mixture is usually copper, although sometimes it may consist of other metals such as zinc or nickel. 


2.What are 925 Sterling Silver quality marks?

For instance, all of our product descriptions include a list of the materials used in the jewelry. Instead of listing the materials as Sterling Silver or Silver, two very ambiguous terms, we write 925 Sterling Silver. That way, our customers knows the purity of our jewelry and any misunderstandings are avoided. In addition, all of our silver jewelry are stamped with quality marks that say “925”, “925S. 

 These quality markings are very important and should be present on all 925 Sterling Silver jewelry.


3.How can you tell if the jewelry is made with authentic 925 Sterling Silver? 

Here are some easy ways to check if your jewelry is made with authentic 925 Sterling Silver:

A.Magnet Test

Magnets have no effect on authentic silver. If your jewelry is attracted to a magnet, it is not made of 925 Sterling Silver. 

B.Quality Marks

As we mentioned earlier, authentic 925 Sterling Silver jewelry will have quality marks such as “925”, “.925S”, “Ag925”, “Ster”, or “Sterling Silver” hidden somewhere on the piece. Not being able to find such markings should raise a red flag. 

C.Acid Test

File a small part of the item in a discreet area and apply a few drops of nitric acid on this area. If the color of the acid turns into a creamy white, the silver is pure or 925 Sterling. If the color of the acid turns green, it is probably fake or silver plated. Be careful when dealing with chemicals and remember to protect yourself using gloves and goggles.

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