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Hot sale 18k gold plated new vintage star high quality stainless steel jewelry set

Now, we are doing the big return to our customers! We would like to support our customers in the new project/products/market, so we have made out much in stock products with the new products and with lower MOQ to support you!

More and more new designs are coming out! Do you want to catch the chance to test the market and quality?

New vintage star series stainless steel jewelry wholesale:

With high quality stainless steel material, 18K gold plated, unique star design with shiny clear zircons, vintage and fashion, you are the super star in your world!

Why we make out this series?

Star jewelry  symbolism is similarly old in its origins, often carrying the meaning of light and clarity, especially  the sun which is the brightest of all the stars. They were also symbolic of, and indeed actually used for direction, as travelers of old often navigated exclusively by the stars at night. Handheld compasses would often feature stars as their backgrounds heralding back to those days of celestial navigation. Jewelry and such compasses would often feature five- or seven-pointed stars as the Victorians co-opted Eastern belief that fives and sevens brought good luck to the wearer/owner.

Stars themselves came to mean good luck and something to be wished upon, to this day we still wish on stars in hopes of achieving our dreams. This is most likely an evolution of navigation and the idea that stars would always help to lead you to your desired destination and not lead you astray.

There is also a huge interest in and connection to the Zodiac and the corresponding constellations. Originating in Babylonian culture, astrological Zodiac signs are assigned based on the date and month of your birth and supposedly informs a person about their characteristics and modes of expression. It was used in ancient times as a way for priests to discern the will of the gods in a person's life. Zodiac constellations have been finding their way onto coin pendants and signet rings a lot in present years, usually as a way to honor oneself or family members.

We hope you have enjoyed our jewelry and get more good luck in your life!

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