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Top 10 jewelry trends in 2022-Part 2

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5.Colourful beads

As the world starts to (hopefully) move on from the Pandemic Times, we're seeing a return to lots of colourful beads in jewellery, especially with a beachy feel to them as people start thinking about holidays and more laid back times ahead.

There are plenty of glass bead jewellery designs out in the world, but we generally prefer to stick to pearl beads and some natural beads to add plenty of variety, beauty and quality to our designs.

6.Mismatched earrings

Another trend that that we love is wearing mismatched earrings. This is a great way to show off your unique sense of style, but it's entirely up to you how bold and noticeably mismatched you want to be.

As a starting point, find earrings that are somewhat similar, whether in colour, size or style. Our star range, moon range are a great place to start as the various types of earrings are the same sizes and colours, but with different designs. They're ideal for mixing and mismatching.

Also take a look at our  dangle earrings, which come already mismatched as each on each earring is different.

7. Tiny earring

This trend goes perfectly with some of the others in the list. Tiny stud earrings will play beautifully with other jewellery: statement pendants, stacking rings and more. They're also ideal for everyday wear, so make an essential wardrobe basic.

You can choose simple small silver stud earrings, such as our little stud earrings.

Alternatively add a tiny pop of colour with some gemstone stud earrings, including those from our colorful zircons earrings collectionTake a peek at our stud earrings for some inspiration.

8. Cluster necklaces

Cluster necklaces feature multiple pendants on a single chain necklace. Usually the different elements move freely on the chain, so they'll move and sit in different positions as you go about your day.

Adding a cluster necklace to your outfit will add a unique point of interest, without necessarily being too big, bold or colourful. You can choose necklace elements that have special meaning for you or just that you like the design of.

9. Stacking rings

Stacking rings are an essential wardrobe must-have. They'll play perfectly with other jewellery and create details that will always make you feel well put together. Best of all you can build up a collection of stacking rings that you can wear in endlessly different combinations depending on your mood and outfit.

The secret to finding your own style is to pay attention to those small details that reflect your personality. Anyone can buy the same shirt from a popular store, but it's how you make it yours that matters. Adding small but eye-catching details like different stacked rings or layered necklaces (see above) will most definitely help.

We have an array of stacking rings in sterling silver, with clear zircons designs. They're a dream for mixing and matching to your heart's content.

10. Beads bracelets

Relating to the colourful beads and pearl jewellery mention above, but easy to overlook are beaded bracelets.

They can be made of pearls or another beads and will add a splash of colour and interest to any outfit. You can also mix, match and stack them, either with other beaded bracelets or more simple silver or gold bracelets or bangles. Do some experimenting and see what works for you.

Ready to add some new jewellery to your collection? Be sure to view our products and find your new favourite jewellery designs today.




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