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18K Gold Plated Jewelry VS Gold Filled Jewelry

In recent jewelry trends, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, fashion subscription or Amazon, the 18k rose gold jewelry are very popular. In particular, most consumers and wholesalers frequently quote the word "gold-plated jewelry".

From a professional point of view, those gold color jewelry on the market is as follows: gold-plated jewelry, gold-filled jewelry, and pure gold jewelry. From appearance may not be able to be distinguished very well, such as ordinary consumers. Both options are popular jewelry metals, but while they share commonalities, they aren’t the same metal. Some brands sell gold-plated jewelry at a ridiculous price. Don't assume it's gold-filled because of the price tag. Especially with the recent increase in the price of platinum, gold-plated/ filled products are cheaper than platinum. Don't be fooled by that, we have 15 years of jewelry manufacturing experience, and we are dealing with silver and gold raw materials and electroplating factories every day. We know the actual situation very well and will not be confused by these marketing gimmicks.

Since gold-plated and gold-filled products are expensive in terms of cost and production technology, most of the gold jewelry selling on the market especially fashion jewelry ( 925/brass/ stainless steel ) are gold-plated products. Key differences between gold-filled and gold-plated jewelry is the percentage of gold content used, as well as the manufacturing process. 

Gold-plated jewelry is a thin layer of gold alloy that’s bonded to a base metal like brass, steel, copper, or sterling silver. Usually contains around 0.05% of 18K gold. The gold layer is minuscule but can choose to thicken, that is to do double or multi layer. Though it is very slightly gold-plated, but it is indeed 18k gold. It is equivalent to turning the 18k financial into a liquid, and then bonding it with the bottom support through electroplating. Now, 85% of Gold plated jewelry are usually use steel and sterling silver is we so called "18k gold plating". Thanks to its budget-friendly price points gold plated jewelry has a good market share. But unfortunately, the lifespan of gold-plated jewelry isn’t long because it’s more susceptible to scratching and tarnishing. Daily wear and tear will wear down the tiny gold layer and expose the jeweler’s brass beneath. So many consumers will complain about the reason why the gold color will always fades.

18K Gold Plated Jewelry VS  Gold Filled Jewelry 1

Gold-filled jewelry has layers of gold alloy bonded to a silver core only. While it sounds similar to gold-plated, it’s entirely different from manufacturing to longevity. Gold-filled jewelry has layers of gold alloy, rather than one external layer of pure gold. This is an important feature because it ultimately creates a more durable, long-lasting jewelry metal. Gold-filled has multiple gold layers, and contains a higher percentage of gold than gold-plated. 

Gold-filled jewelry is pressure bonded, while gold-plated is electroplated. It has at least 5% of gold, so it’s more expensive than gold-plated. However, both are inexpensive alternatives to fine gold jewelry.

Gold-plated jewelry is vulnerable to scratching and tarnishing, which exposes the brassy metal core. Gold-filled is bonded with thicker gold alloy and will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Gold-plated jewelry is great for fashion items and trendy, statement pieces you don’t want to splurge on. Gold-filled combines durability with quality, making it great for daily wear, thoughtful gifts, and special occasions, but of course the price is also 3-4 times higher.

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